7Pines Resort Ibiza: Total Tranquility

18 October 2018

Working in an industry where you are routinely tasked with sampling some of the best hotels and restaurants available can often lead to significant hatred, or at the very least a serious dislike, from friends, family and colleagues. Informing those around you that you have to work a weekend rarely elicits much sympathy when they know that entails flying to exotic destinations and eating until you’re about to burst.

Just when I thought I had become accustomed to this I was invited to go and sample the new 7Pines resort in Ibiza, which opened a Pandora’s box of new angry emotions bearing down upon me. I had of course heard of the new hotel on the grapevine, however, I wasn’t prepared for the size of the splash it’s made in the market. 

The hotel has occupied the site of a former timeshare, but gone are the creased pensioners and con artists, and in comes 186 suites, 2 restaurants, 4 bars, 3 luxury yachts, a world-class spa and wellness centre, and more Instagram opportunities than you can shake a heavily filtered stick at. Those seeking hedonistic Ibizan nights will be disappointed, this is very much a place to come once that’s done in search of some much needed R&R. 

We had a small but well-selected group of 7 for our trip, plus the wonderful Shige from 7Pines. I always say there’s one idiot on every FAM trip and if you can’t spot them it’s you. Such was the nice nature of the group that I spent the weekend pretty concerned. We sampled both restaurants and two bars successfully while there, all with well presented, innovative offerings that combined some great ingredients. It’s clear that those in the kitchen know what they are doing. 

The meeting space in the hotel is modern, functional, well planned and offers what must be one of the best views from any events space. Suitable for conferences and dinners up to 80, you also have many other spaces available including the restaurants should you need it. 

So do the Insta posts do justice? Quite simply yes. This resort is a shining beacon of what a proper 5* Mediterranean hotel should look and feel like. The service, while informal, is on par with the very best hotels. The rooms are well appointed and spacious. The food is jaw-droppingly good. 

So if you’re looking for a short haul incentive destination, product launch venue, or somewhere to host a retreat for a company that feels at home in Ibiza then there are few better, more exciting destinations in Europe right now than 7Pines.

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