An Unforgettable Evening with Stories from Abbey Road Studios

19 February 2024

Abbey Road Studios have recently launched a new and truly unique events experience. Set inside the legendary rooms where music history has been made for over 92 years, Stories from the Studios brings the audience inside the mythical world of Abbey Road. As an introduction to the event, we were invited to spend an unforgettable evening with stories from Abbey Road Studios and live musicians playing famous tracks recorded there.

We were welcomed into Studio 2 with canapés and apple and whiskey cocktails. Before the show started, guests had the opportunity to explore the space and inspect original equipment and instruments used by Pink Floyd, The Beatles and the endless list of artists who have recorded there. The presentation started with an introduction from conductor Marc Dixon. He talked about when the studios were first built, and highlighted some of the first musicians to have recorded there and the different techniques they used. When he came to the Beatles using the studios, the string quartet performed an acoustic version of ‘All you need is love’ to set the mood for the evening.

Then followed stories about Studio 1 which is the largest recording space at the studios, fitting a whole 100 piece orchestra and choir. Famous film tracks were recorded here and we were indulged in live performances of Hedwig’s theme from Harry Potter, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings.

Especially touching were the sections about the Beatles. The event was located in Studio 2 which was used to record most of the Beatles’ tracks and still holds some of the original equipment. During this section of the evening, the string quartet was complemented by a pianist who played on the original pianos that were used by the Beatles themselves to record the tracks we were hearing. A goosebump inducing moment!

The experience was truly special and a once in a lifetime opportunity to feel connected to the place where music history was and still is being made.

Stories from the Studios is a flexible event for groups of all sizes which can take place in any of the three studios. The event package includes: presenter, pianist, guitarist and string ensemble. Every experience is tailored to the client and can be fitted into a dinner, conference or reception event. Talk to one of our venue finders or event managers to customise your event. This event package is a true ‘money can’t buy experience’ and will leave a music loving group mesmerised.

It is also a great evening to include in your event programme when visiting London with your group. Find out more about our London DMC services here.

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