AOK Events office clearout creates donations for charity

14 June 2022

We had a spring clean in our offices and worked with Event Cycle to re-home our unwanted stuff as part of our commitment to giving back to the community and the environment. Read on to see how Event Cycle found ways to repurpose our old stuff and where it went:

In the spirit of sustainability and social impact, many event offices are choosing to clear out their old desks and donate the items to charity. This keeps items out of landfill and saves organisations money to use on their services instead. When we came to Event Cycle with some unusual items from our spring clean they knew exactly who would want them.

The charity British Asian Christians Association is a social glue for the community of Ilford, London. Whilst promoting harmony and integration in its local British community, the project also builds up neighbourhood relations. They provide all sorts of activities and services including fitness classes for women and children; helping the homeless; public barbecues; street parties; and staging Redbridge Borough’s biggest party for the Queen’s Jubilee. Much like other charities of their size, they are often limited with what they can do with their funds, preferring to dedicate money to their services over items that might be helpful at some of their events. And with the Jubilee party to plan, the donation from AOK Events came at the right time. Food containers, menu stands and blankets were all put to good use over the bank holiday weekend.

On the more creative side, donations of fabric and banners were given to Little Recreations and the 1st Battersea Brownies. Kirsty at Little Recreations spends her summers creating the flags that fly over festivals as well as decorating tents, children’s areas and even producing new products too. If you’re lucky enough to go, you might see some of her decorations created with this donation down at Glastonbury this June. And for the Brownies, the banners will be painted over to produce signage for their upcoming events. Something they can do again and again making sure the banners don’t go to waste.

Got anything to up-cycle? Our friends at Event Cycle will know what to do with it: Contact them to find out more