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Heli-Treasure Hunt & Clay Pigeon Shooting


This event combines the excitement of flying helicopters with the entertaining sport of clay pigeon shooting. A group of twelve can enjoy this event and compete against each other throughout the day. The day culminates with dinner and an overnight stay at one of the best 5* hotels in the country.

The Event Outline
We recommend that the content of the day is kept a surprise from the guests. Create an air of mystery by telling them to be at a given destination at a certain time in the morning where, over morning tea, they will be handed instructions in an envelope marked TOP SECRET. As they are receiving these and digesting the information, over the hill in the distance come the helicopters, which (unbeknownst to them) are landing right next to them to pick them up!

The teams board the choppers and spend half an hour visiting a number of checkpoints, the locations of which they will have deduced from the clues and perhaps the odd hint from the pilot if they are stuck. As they reach each point, they will take a photograph of the target with Polaroid cameras that they will be given at the start, for which they will score points depending on how well they have done.

Having completed the clues and photographed as many of the targets as they can, the teams will find that their last target is the Shooting School, where the helicopters will drop them off. They will hand in their treasure hunt packs and will be served a light lunch before the afternoon activity starts.

Following a light lunch, the group will form their teams again for an afternoon of clay pigeon shooting. The expert instructors at this prestigious shooting school work with novices and experts alike to make sure that all have the right level of instruction and all guests enjoy the experience. Following some practicing on various shooting stands, the competition will take place over a selection of the many shooting stands the school has to offer. The afternoon culminates with each team shooting a simulated pheasant flush with 30 - 40 clays coming over the team in 3-4 minutes.

Once the shooting has finished, the group will enjoy some afternoon tea. Everyone will have cold beers, wine or champagne to reward all them for a hard day’s work! Once the points from all the day’s competition have been added up, the winners will be announced and will receive their prizes for a job well done.

When the prize giving is over, a luxury Mercedes coach will take the guests back to their hotel. After a chance to relax, shower and change, the guests will meet for drinks before dinner, after which a three-course meal will be served in one of the hotel's exquisite private rooms. Guests will depart following breakfast the following morning.

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Aberdeen, Glasgow, Birmingham, Newcastle, Manchester, Cardiff, Sheffield, Nottingham, Bournemouth, Brighton, London