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The Ultimate Short Break Bobsleigh Event

This unique short break gives the opportunity to take part in the ‘Ice Experience’

You will be given the chance of experiencing; Bob Raft, Bobsleigh and Bob Skeleton all on the Lillehammer Olympic bobsleigh track under the expert tuition of Tony Wallington OBE - an Olympian from 2 Winter Olympic Games. Beginners in Bobsleigh and Bob Skeleton can expect to experience an adrenaline rush at the very top end of the scale; followed by an equivalent endorphin high!


After an early Breakfast at the Hotel you will make your way to the Lillehammer Olympic Bobsleigh track where you will enjoy exclusive hospitality. On reaching the top of the track you will have your first opportunity to experience ‘ice’ with a bob raft ride! At the end of the run you will return to the ‘Jury Room’ for a skills briefing with refreshments.

It is then time to move to the ‘Junior Start’ for on track coaching before taking the second of the ‘Ice Experiences’ the bobsleigh; often referred to as the ‘Formula One’ of Winter sports. Now you will begin to realise why this is such an exhilarating sport; the track has 16 curves and is 1700 metres long, on the fastest curve; number 13 - you could be pulling 5G+! Anyone riding the run in a qualifying time will be eligible to join the exclusive 5G Club – certified with a pin and certificate.

Then it is time to take part in your final ‘Ice Experience Challenge’ bob skeleton! Bob skeleton is a dynamic and challenging sport that has been developed from the oldest of the ice track sports – the 'Cresta'. The Cresta Run is the home of the exclusive 'St Moritz Tobogganing Club' where 'Cresta' riders compete on a unique 1200 metre long ‘natural ice track’ that is constructed annually. Other than those who ride traditional toboggans – ‘Cresta’ riders are on skeleton identical to those used by Bob Skeleton athletes. The main difference being; Bob Skeleton riders’ use Bobsleigh tracks for their runs; otherwise the sport is very similar to the ‘Cresta riders’ event.

'A truly outstanding and invigorating experience'

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