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Summer Games

With all the classic events to compete in, though some with a rather novel twist, The Team Olympics event is a fun outdoor team building option that offers something for everyone, and might even surprise some of your colleagues as to what they can do!

Playing competitively as different nations, you and your team will rotate around your chosen heats, all in the bid to be crowned with the gold at the end medal ceremony.
All that's left to do therefore is light the torch and declare your Team Olympics open!

Archery Tests: Focus, Team Work & Patience
Learn the art of professional long bow from the expert tutors. With the chance to shoot over a challenging yet achievable distance, your team will be scored as a group, so cheer on your other team member's if you're aiming for gold!

Wobbly Wheelbarrows Tests: Leadership, Delegation & Communication
A hilarious race in which one your team mates must push you along in a wheelbarrow, with a bowl-cum-helmet on your head, in an attempt to collect water from the other side of the race line. The team with the most water at the end will score the highest!

The Field Events Tests: Perseverance & Team work
Try your team's luck at the novelty field events, including shot-putting a bean bag, throwing a foam javelin, using paper plates as a discus, welly wanging and even hammer throw!

Team Skiing Tests: Communication, Leadership & Understanding
Stood aside a pair of giant skis, can you and your team navigate the tricky slalom course in a race against the clock?

Velodrome Tests: Trust & Communication
Slightly less challenging than spinning, though a lot trickier than the experts make it look, how will you and your team fair in the unicycle race?!

World Nation Challenge Tests: Problem Solving & Time Management
Take a breather from the active heats with the cerebral World Nation Challenge, comprising of general knowledge tests on geography, famous landmarks and international flags.

Water Polo Tests: Problem Solving, Planning & Delegation
Flippers on hands, your team must transport plastic balls from the starting pool, down a network of tubes held by your team mates and safely over the finish line without dropping them!

Shooting Tests: Focus & Team Work
Using highly dangerous super-soakers, how many cans will your team be able to knock over from behind the safety line?!

Sprint Race Tests: Communication, Leadership & Team Work
The novel twist on the Olympic sprints include the caterpillar crawl race, in which all your team must shuffle along in a large tarpaulin ring, stepping stone racing and even some back to school classics, such as sack racing, egg & spoon and bean bag on the head!

Inflatable Volleyball Tests: Communication & Planning
Spike and dive to earn your team points in this classic Olympic event, guaranteed to raise a smile as you bounce to reach your shot!

• Host & additional staff (dependant on numbers)
• All kit, theming, props & equipment for above events
• Prizes for winning team in Olympic medal ceremony
• Public liability insurance

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