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Ribs on the Thames

Nothing else comes close. Rib Blasts on the Thames literally stop the traffic. Organised with the panache and style for which our Events are renown, we make maximum use of London's facilities in a way never envisaged before.

We blast through central London at high speed in close formation from Parliament to past the Thames Barrier, seeing the heart of London and the financial districts (there are no speed limits).

Having access to Europe's largest fleet of Ribs, we are ideally placed to entertain groups of up to 200. The River Thames Rib Blast is an ideal accompaniment to a meeting or conference.

Recent customers have included MGM studios from Los Angeles for the relaunch of their James Bond Archive. River Thames Rib Events run throughout the year. Only snowstorms slow us down.

Canary Wharf – This has a guided tour through central London to Tower Bridge then a high speed ride this is when the skipper lets rip of the full power of the twin inboard engines and goes onto Canary wharf this is approx 1hr.

Thames Barrier – This is has a guided tour through central London until Tower bridge this is when the skipper lets rip of the full power of the twin inboard engines and then goes onto Canary Wharf, Greenwich, 02, Thames Barrier, this is approx 1hr 30mins.

Bond Experience – This is our newest tour, they are taken up to MI5 and MI6 and then down river to the 02 where they filmed the world is not enough. The passengers are given all information about James Bond and music is played from all of the films this is about 1hr 15mins.

The Canary Wharf and the Thames Barrier experience are the two standard trips. Both of these experiences depart from Embankment Pier and head up towards Big Ben then up to Tower Bridge, where this is all a guided tour. From Tower Bridge this is the high speed part of the tour where we do high speed and turns. The Thames Barrier experience is the longer tour, you get to see Canary Wharf, Greenwich, 02 and go through the Thames Barrier. All experiences start and end at Embankment.

We have currently started the James Bond Experience which people absolutely love. The passengers get to see MI5 and MI6 whilst taking in all the information about James Bond. They are then taken down to the 02. With this experience we play music from all of the James Bond films whilst traveling along. We also give a free cocktail shaker with this experience. We are currently only doing this on a charter basis. How ever on all standard trips we are throwing a bit of Bond music and facts.

We have two boats which are the newest and fastest boats on the river Thames. They are capable of holding 12 passengers on each boat. These boats where made by RIB craft, to our exact requirements to ensure the comfort and safety of our passengers. These boats are equipped with 2x 245 Yamaha inboard engines. On board we have a PA system so that the guide can be heard clearly. There is a stereo system which music can be played whilst going along.

Also on the speed boats we are able to take pictures and video footage of your trip, so you can take it away the same day.


Pick up from Embankment and cruise at approximately 21 knots along the Thames passing by the famous London landmarks until the RIBS hit the Thames barrier. At this point, (no speed limit) the versatile RIBS come into their own and your guests will be treated to an exhilarating ride as they pick up the pace and cruise at high speed. Your guests can be on the water for approximately 2 hours or more if required and safely delivered back to Embankment

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