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Ballroom Dancing Experience

Let us create your very own ballroom dancing live show where you are the stars! Our team of professional choreographers, dancers and event planners will create a night to remember. From impressive dance routines performed by professional dancers to the not so impressive but incredibly fun routines from the delegates.

All guests will get to sample three very different styles of dancing from disco to salsa and beyond. Each style is represented by a professional dancing couple in full costume to bring the style and glamour that any ballroom dancing event deserves.

The Dance Off

Each group are introduced one at a time to perform their routines, our hosts then collect the scores from the judging panel (we’re expecting a lot of sevens)! The winner is announced and given their very own trophy and they perform their routine one more time!

Packages includes:

  • 6 x professional dancing couple (1 couple per group)
  • Full event management prior to and on the event day
  • Venue Hire
  • Choreography
  • Props and accessories for each group including score cards for the judges
  • Music including editing
  • Afternoon dance professional rehearsals
  • Professional dance costumes
  • Trophy

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