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The Chocolate Experience

This is an original, distinctive and truly indulgent experience, guaranteed to entertain, stimulate and educate your guests. Be assured that you will voluntarily and enthusiastically treble your daily calorie intake by enjoying a wide range of amazing chocolate and mouth-watering chocolates.

Conducted by a master chocolatier and accomplished speaker with over 15 years experience, the event begins with an irreverent potted history of the cocoa bean. We move on to how it’s grown and processed to make chocolate. You’ll be seeing and tasting cocoa beans, cocoa liquor, cocoa butter and other products of the production process.

Enjoy blind tasting a range of outstanding chocolates – we’ll reveal what makes up excellent chocolate (and not such good stuff too) after trying varieties of pure plain, milk & white chocolates with varying cocoa-solid and milk-solid content. And then we move on to how chocolates themselves are made. You will learn to tell whether a chocolate is hand-made or machine-made. You will taste a wide variety of superb creations including fresh cream chocolates, pralines, moulded and dipped chocolates. We reveal how a good chocolatier formulates the recipes for excellent chocolates and apply this to newly learned tasting techniques.

By the end of this truly indulgent event, all your questions about chocolate will have been answered. You will have sharpened your skills as a discerning chocophile and you will never look at or taste chocolate in the same way again.

Food & beverage packages

The cost of the event is excluding venue hire, which AOK events would be happy to source. Each event takes around 2½ hours however they can be tailored to meet your requirements. The event can take place anywhere in the UK.

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