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Virtual Corporate Hospitality

AOK Events will help you host an innovative and engaging Q&A session, preview or “watchalong”, choosing from the worlds of sport, motivation or business.

This virtual event offers exclusive and intimate access to a legend along with food, drink or branded SWAG, the modern-day equivalent of corporate hospitality.

Watchalongs ensure that guests feel closer to the action than they would at a live event, by inviting legends to talk about their highlights, share interesting stories and then encouraging your guests to ask questions ‘in person’ via video call, all hosted by one of our brilliant compares.

"The cricket Q&A was a fantastic event, both our clients and partners were very impressed and feedback has been very positive"

"It was amazing, great feedback, we would be really keen to do a few more as well "

Get in touch for full package and calendar details including legends, hosts and speakers. 

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