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LED Wing Ballerinas

These winged ballerinas will create that touch of magic for your next event! These ballet dancers combine beautiful images of moving light with stunning choreography whilst on ballet pointe. Watch as the large, spiralling wings making mesmerising patterns, all in unison. We love these light costumes with the Swarovski crystals and know you will too!

The ballerinas are costumed in silver white catsuits, beautifully designed with Swarvoski crystals all over their cheasts and back. The large fabric wings they wear are glowing with the many lights imbedded into them. And to finish off the costume they wear classic ballet pointe shoes. Together the crystals on the silver-white catsuits, combined with the beautiful lights in the wings with the ballerinas on ballet pointe creates a unique and classic spectacle. The glowing lights on the wings bounce off the Swarovski crystals in their catsuits and create a beautiful and unique light show.

The ballerinas glide over the dancefloor/stage opening, closing & moving their light wings in all directions, creating swirls and patterns of light. They are synchronised in their movement so the light show is a mirror of sparkle and light all whilst they are on ballet pointe! 

This light show is a great spectacle for weddings, corporate events and of course for public events. For an unforgettable spectacle book this act or book the light ballerinas as walkabout characters for meet n greet/reception and throughout your event!


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