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LED Violinist

A unique performer, this LED Violinist is an international freelance violinist and composer who is on a mission to explore the musical language through her instruments and voice. From session playing to aerial violin, she lives and breathes music. She enjoys collaborating with other artists (Arbor Circus, Inverted Dance Company) and musicians (Muse and Antonio Forcione) from around the world and has most recently been working on a loop pedal set to explore creative avenues in electronic music.

In addition to performing at some of the worlds most prestigious venues and events, including the O2 and Glastonbury, this LED Violinist is also responsible for the creation of the worlds only mirrorball violin act, Mirabelle, an LED act and an Aerial Violin act. With a passion to bring together visual and auditory excellence, she is at home building innovative acts to entertain and engage audiences from all walks of life.


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