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Bollywood Dancers

Our fantastic Bollywood dancers can perform 2 x 15 minute shows that are set to a medley of popular Bollywood and Bhangra songs.We have a huge range of stunning colourful costumes to choose from and there will be a costume change for the second performance. The performance salso include props such as flags, lanterns, umbrellas and Dandiya sticks. The dancers can also offer a fun 30 minute Bollywood dance workshop. Alternative options are the Bollywood Secret Waitress act and our fantastic Bolly-Babes and B-Boys which also features Break dancers!

Our disguised Bollywood ‘waitresses' mingle in the audience for 20 minutes. One of the dancers causes a stir and drops a tray, an argument breaks out between the waitresses and one of their shirts is ripped open to reveal the bright costume underneath! The music starts and all of the dancers remove their waitress costumes and go into their performance. They can then return to do the second medley in full costume.


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