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The Qube

Enter the visual and dramatic TV inspired teambuilding experience fun filled with laughter and suspense. Complete with gameshow lighting and an inflatable game arena, contestants work in teams to face a series of nail-biting challenges.

Groups take on challenges both individually (cheered on by your peers) and team challenges that tests everyone’s ability. Practice time will be given for the head-to-head challenges before taking on the main tasks. Each team get several lives, so just be careful not to lose them all at once.

Example Rounds include:
• Poise - 4 players from your team will balance on one foot on a beam for 20 seconds without falling.
• Bloc - 2 players are pitted against a tower of blocks, one handed they must copy the tower in the allotted time - to win the challenge you both must complete it.
• Gradient - several different coloured balls are placed through piping; your team just need catch the only white ball into the cylinder.
• Tilt - 3 players must navigate a ball from start to finish along three planks without the ball dropping on the floor.


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