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Charity Bike Build

Charity team building is an incredibly rewarding experience which achieves a great level of team building, coupled with the feel-good factor of creating something that makes a real difference to the lives of others.

This challenge is based around building bicycles for young children. The end charity ranges from children's homes, to charity shops, to donations to underprivileged families.

Each team start with a basic frame. The challenge is to earn all the different components required to complete each bike. To earn the components they have to complete a range of tasks, some pure fun, and some skill based. For example fixing a punctured innertube in the fastest time, completing the quickest mile on the cycle simulator, or a theory-based cycling rules of the road test.

For each task completed teams receive fun money which is then used in all the different equipment zones to purchase all the different materials and components required.

On hand to help teams along the way are a range of bike mechanics and support instructors.

Teams all get a full toolkit with everything needed for the build.

The event concludes with a presentation of all the bikes, and where possible a live or video thank you from the designated charity.

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