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Top Gun Combat Flying

Picture yourself strapped into your own fighter aircraft high above the desert.

Suddenly, out of the sun comes a bandit. Sweeping into a banked roll you come round on his tail, line him up in your gunsight and let him have it! A trail of smoke signifies your hit – victory is yours! This is Top Gun Air Combat – a unique chance to be a Fighter Pilot for the Day.

The Course allows civilians (no flying experience needed) to feel the exciting adrenalin rush of the Dogfight in real military trainer aircraft all under the expert guidance of former USA fighter pilots.

These are Italian built jet-conversion aircraft used by air forces for fighter pilot programmes. Highly aerobatic you will loop-the-loop; barrel roll, dive and feel +6g forces (that’s more than in F1) plus you will have unlimited ammunition so can just keep shooting.

You will fly six missions and have plenty of opportunity to actually fly the aircraft yourself. An unforgettable experience.

Prices from £1500 + vat per person

Minimum Numbers - 1
Maximum Numbers - 10

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