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Supersonic Top Gun

This is a unique opportunity to fly in a supersonic fighter interceptor that can exceed twice the speed of sound and climb to almost 60,000 feet above the earth (and in just over one minute).

There is only one place in the western world where you can still fly in these incredible aircraft. As it that’s not enough we can also get you into a low level strike bomber which will scorch over the sea at almost wave height at some 600mph or a subsonic multi-role fighter acknowledged as one of the most aerobatic and beautiful jets ever designed.

The choice is yours for what must be the ultimate ride for the adrenalin junkie.

Oh, and you will also get the chance to take control and actually fly yourself

Minimum Numbers - 1
Maximum Numbers - 12

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Package Prices
Date Package Location Price From  
- Supersonic Top Gun - £3,000.00 + VAT / Person Enquire