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Bespoke Perfume Making

The idea is simple: if Victoria Beckham, JLo, and a host of other celebrities can create their own fragrance, then why shouldn’t you? Our perfume consultant guides you through an enjoyable, relaxing and fun fragrance journey to help you combine any number of our 18 exquisite blends and arrive at a fragrance you love.

We will provide you with an exciting and unique experience that will remain with your guests forever. We offer a number of different event choices, as well as being able to tailor the event specifically to your requirements, whether it be providing a world-class Master Perfumer, to organising a prestigious venue - whatever your needs!

Fragrance Taster or Connoisseur
(1 - 2 hours)

The Fragrance Taster or Connoisseur events are by far our most popular events for corporate groups who love to create their unique fragrance and take it home there and then. The Taster is presented in a 5ml sample bottle and the Connoisseur is presented in a beautiful gift boxed atomiser.

Our consultant will take guests on a fragrant journey through our eighteen exquisite blends, describing the emotions, characteristics, and ingredients of each, assisting them in selecting their favourites, whether it be a heavy base note such as musky, or a light, fruity top note. They’ll then create their fragrance and even get to name it!

Fragrance Bar

If your event provides for more than one entertainment, for multiple departments or companies, or has hundreds of guests, then a Fragrance Bar is the way to go!

This is a fantastic opportunity for a large amount of people to ‘drop in’ to our bar where we will briefly introduce them to our range of blends and assist them in creating a 5ml sample of their very own fragrance to take home in a beautiful glass bottle.

The Fragrance Apprentice

Participants are split into teams with a brief to create and name a fragrance, choose their brand packaging and manufacture their product all within a set timescale. Each group has a fictional budget to work from. They can choose to include the budget-busting sandalwood, or use moreinexpensive ingredients...will this harm sales, though?

Subject to the time available, once the fragrance name and brand identity is created you can choose if the delegates wish to present back to the group (as a mini advert) or to manufacture the fragrance and try and sell as many bottles as they can.

The winning team will each take away a fantastic gadget— our secret atomiser pen!

A very rewarding day for all.

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