LinkedIn Halloween Party | AOK Creative

BRIEF: We had a great brief from the team at LinkedIn, who knew they wanted a monster themed event with plenty of fun and imagination. Key items included: a fully dressed venue, walkabout entertainment, a fancy dress competition, spooky food, pre-event teaser gifts for top agencies, and a social media element to the evening. 

VENUE: AOK Venues jumped on this element of the event straight away, sourcing a dark and cavernous club space with lots of ghoulish potential. The venue gave us two separate spaces to work with allowing the event to start in room one and proceed into room two for dancing and prize giving


- The Monster Masher: Guests were sent a link to the Monster Masher and asked to enter their email, taking them to a fruit (or spook) machine. All they needed to do was pull the lever and they'd find out what monster they need to dress as!

- Scare Packages: LinkedIn had some top agencies they wanted to treat to an extra special (s)care package prior to the event. We packed boxes with everything from a real edible tarantula to test tubes filled with blood (vodka!). We also included some collateral with the party's hashtag to encourage social sharing. 

- Social Media: With LinkedIn being a top tech company made up of young, savvy Millennials - we knew social media was key. We wanted to keep things simple, as this was a party after all, so we put forward the idea of a bespoke Snapchat filter. This got the brand and party out there whilst the event was happening in real time. 

- Spooking Things Up: AOK Creative had a blast dressing the space. We built a bespoke tunnel of cobwebs to deliver guests to the party from the venue's entrance, moved in a confessional box, and rigged up giant spiders and human skeletons everywhere we could!

The stage area and DJ booth were both draped in bespoke branded vinyls bringing the whole event together with all the brand touch-points from the invite process. We also brought in a photo booth to make some hardcopy memories - all with bespoke LinkedIn Monster Ball backgrounds and topped things off with an array of disgustingly delicious food. 

RESULTS: The feedback we've had from LinkedIn after the event has made us feel pretty proud. An amazing night was had by all, with some guests with prior commitments changing their plans based souly on how great the Scare Packages were! LinkedIn have let us know they felt like AOK Events really cared about their event from start to finish, which is brilliant because it's true!