AOK Events - Live Events, Venue Finding and Official Hospitality Packages

BRIEF: To hold an outstanding and high profile event at a fashionable venue, generating buzz and excitement around a new brand in the Arden fragrance portfolio ‘Untold’ and resulting in a truly lasting and memorable experience for all guests.

VENUE: For a high profile event at a fashionable venue, Searcys at the very top of The Gherkin, was a favourite suggestion from AOK Venues. Our client loved it, and we secured the sought-after space on their behalf.

- We custom build a stage set, with built in plasmas, which separated to reveal the product, creating ceremony and excitement .  Due to the nature of The Gerkin and the amount of glass in the immediate surroundings, we used anti glare technology along with high gloss white materials to align the set with the EA brand and match the look and feel of the building.

- Access to Searcys was via a complex route (through a kitchen!) and up 40 floors. Whilst this posed as quite a feat, 40 of our crew made short work of the task and set up ready for guests in 1.5 hours.

- We organised and oversaw drinks, canapés, dancers and make-up artists during the evening event.

RESULTS: The event was a huge success, with attendance and coverage in the national press as well as bloggers. AOK Creative effectively used the space and understood the building to showcase the product to its full effect. We’ve since built a solid working relationship with EA.