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AOK Events were asked to create a bespoke fulfilment website that would allow LinkedIn to interact with their clients throughout the pandemic, allowing them to send digital vouchers to clients from markets across EMEA. A token of appreciation in these extraordinary times. 


  • Created a branded website inc. vanity URL  
    full management of the process
  • Voucher fulfilment and communications with the client
  • A varied selection of digital and physical gifts sent to clients
  • Global reach, customised per region, different skins depending on the activity and time of year
  • GDPR compliant process
  • Created the ability to send different gifts to new, lapsed and current clients
  • Full tracking and response rates post-event


  • The website was a great way to engage with clients, receiving a response rate of 65%.
  • The platform worked seamlessly and everyone loved the gifts and were very thankful​
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