Maddie’s Nice Diaries

4 October 2022

Last month Charlie, Emma and I, hopped on a plane to Nice in the South of France, to manage parts of Aon’s Rendez Vous de Septembre 2022, which AOK Events have had the pleasure of running for the past 20 years. It involves organising the many guest transports around Monaco, whether that’s for meetings, restaurant bookings, hotel or airport transfers. This year Aon wanted to be as sustainably conscious as possible, so suggested using electric cars. The branded Tesla’s we used fitted the brief perfectly. We had the cars wrapped with Aon’s red logo for a striking effect against the white (this is more important than you’d think with the number of cars in Monte Carlo, as they needed to stand out!)

Living Local

Emma and I spent most our time in a lovely (but possibly haunted) French apartment, which we comfortably made our home for the week. Meanwhile Charlie was on-site at One Monte Carlo – a newly built conference centre situated in Casino Square. Being local to the event made things a lot easier with understanding locations, timings, etc therefore making communications far smoother. After arriving, we made sure to head down to the local food shop to ensure we had some goodies for the week – including tea and biscuits of course and a 30€ punnet of cherries!!

On our first evening, we went out for a lovely dinner in The Old Town with Alex and his wife Annabel. This involved lots of bread, mussels and rosé and was a fantastic start to the trip

Settling into our Routine

And off we went, swiftly creating a good routine, figuring that the most productive format for us was to work the 8 am-12 pm shift together and take turns with little breaks throughout the day. A huge thanks to Emma for providing some fabulous brunches to keep us going strong and followed by Charlie on dinner duty, cheffing up some yummy spag bol, fajitas and English tapas (as she calls it)- all making us feel right at home. And without any surprises, my job was making sure we always had a cup of tea on the go!

The Job

Each day consisted of plenty of car requests from Aon’s guests through calls, emails and texts, who we shortly became very familiar with and by the end of the week had some great and comical conversations with. It made the job far more personal and enjoyable as all the guests were super friendly and understanding of the frenzy we experienced at times. The best part of the job was the nice thank you messages we received at the end and how appreciative guests were for the service we provided. I would say the biggest challenge was the traffic and congestion that Monte Carlo entails, which caused drivers to be late to some of the bookings, pushing the whole chain back. To combat this, we made sure all guests were made aware of any delays that could affect their booking. Furthermore, we worked with a well-organised driving company who we communicated back and forth with, sending any updates, new requests, or cancellations we got through.

Exploring the South of France

Although, working indoors for all hours of the day was challenging at times, and not super glamourous, being able to work in our pajamas and having a gloriously sunny balcony made it a lot easier. On a number of days, Emma and I would have lunch on the balcony or even work from there for some fresh air. In the meantime, Charlie was onsite at Le Meridien making sure her stunning 200-guest dinner was all in check. On the last working day, we thought it would be fitting to wear our new AOK Events T-shirts and enjoyed a celebratory glass of champagne to finish off the successful week. We all decided to stay in Nice for the weekend as the weather was too good to miss – 30 degrees and sunny on most days. Charlie joined some friends whilst Emma and I moved over to a lovely Air BnB in the heart of the old town and spent the weekend exploring Monaco and Antibes, eating lots of yummy seafood and soaking up those rays before heading back home on Monday.

To round up, I must say I really enjoyed myself and it was a great first overseas event experience for me, one that I have most definitely learned from. Big thanks to AOK Events, Charlie and Emma!