News at Beaverbrook

27 April 2023

The luxury hotel is expanding and adding Mickleham Village to its impressive range of offerings. We caught up with Beaverbrook Director of Sales and Marketing Natalie Cobb-Mahmood about the news at Beaverbrook. A short drive from London, the fabulous venue is the perfect countryside escape.

What makes Beaverbrook unique?

Nestled within the quintessentially British countryside of the Surrey Hills, Beaverbrook offers an unparalleled experience for guests in which they can indulge in history, nature and a five-star luxury service. Our unique houses across the estate offer something for every occasion. Whether that be a family reunion in Mickleham Downs House, a couples getaway in The Garden House, a private event or meeting across any of our event spaces, or a relaxing break to recoup and rejuvenate at The Coach House Spa. 

Corporate Experiences

We are proud to offer a five-star, luxury experience at a corporate rate for meetings and events at Beaverbrook, meaning that there is no compromise on the experience for guests. With a plethora of activities and amenities included in our 24 hour rate. This includes full access to The Coach House Spa facilities with an indoor and outdoor pool and state of the art gym, minibar in all rooms, tennis and padel tennis courts, access to our Private Cinema and more. Delegates will want for nothing during their visit. Yes, we said complimentary mini bar!

Can you explain your ‘History in the making’ slogan?

The history of our estate is ingrained in the walls of our venue and is a story we love to share with our guests. ‘In the making’ is our ambition to create a legacy of the Beaverbrook brand; a destination where guests feel at home. Surrounded by a glamorous past, with access to remarkable facilities and an unwaveringly friendly team who surprise and delight guests at every turn. Groups visiting Beaverbrook can expect an unforgettable team experience, both inside and outside the meeting space, making it their first choice destination for a corporate retreat.

How do you tell the Beaverbrook story?

Our story starts right back in the 1800s with the origins of The House and flows through to the tales of Lord Beaverbrook and his residency at the estate. It continues with current tales of our development and established position within the luxury hospitality industry. Lord Beaverbrook’s presence is felt throughout all we offer across the estate, so we are always delighted to share his story and golden nuggets of information that add a touch of difference to a guests stay. 

Where did the spitfire logo come from?

The ethos of Lord Beaverbrook, former resident of The House at Beaverbrook, is epitomised in our iconic Spitfire emblem. As wartime Minister of Aircraft Production, Beaverbrook famously trebled the production of Spitfires during the second World War. Which enabled Britain to snatch victory in the pivotal Battle of Britain.

Tell us about interesting details about the house that are original and is there anything that is carried through in the new cottages?

There are many original features of The House at Beaverbrook that we’ve maintained. Such as the footprint, the private cinema, the Mermaid grotto and original items of Winston Churchill’s in the exact room that he stayed in. All of these contribute to telling Beaverbrook’s history and add to the guests’ authentic experience here at the estate. Carrying the estate’s history through to Mickleham, the new cottages echo the feel of a traditional, worker’s village, which was exactly the use of the site in the Victorian era. 

Tell us about the bedrooms.

Bedrooms in The House are named and themed after famous past house guests including Elizabeth Taylor, Rudyard Kipling, Ian Fleming and more. Whilst rooms in The Garden House take on the title of herbs and flowers, a nod to the Kitchen Gardens at The Garden House. Lastly, trees are the theme for The Coach House. Following our style of themed bedrooms, the namesake of each room in the Mickleham Village Cottages reflects the literary and artistic giants of the Romantic period, and the Victorian and Edwardian era, the Golden Age of Literature. Each room exudes its own unique personality and charm. 

Why the extension and when does the Mickleham Village open?

Mickleham Downs Village is set to open in September 2023. With our English countryside estate and London bolthole well established, an extension down into the woods, with an adventure element to it, was the next natural step for the Beaverbrook brand. We wanted to offer guests a completely new experience, within our existing grounds and in the beautiful settings of the Surrey Hills.

How did you tackle any challenges for the design, feel and experience of the village and how does it fit in with the original Beaverbrook estate?

Interiors at Mickleham Downs Village take inspiration from The Garden House and Beaverbrook Town House, with Nicola Harding at the helm of the interior design and styling. This creates a natural flow of design traits from the existing properties, through to the new venue, albeit with its own character and charm. 

Mickleham Downs Village is situated around a 15 minute walk, or 5 minute buggy drive from The House, so ease of access for guests around the estate was one of our key priorities. The addition of a private golf buggy for every room at Mickleham means that guests will have freedom to access all areas of the estate on their own terms.

How do you implement sustainability at Beaverbrook? How did you keep it in mind when building the Mickleham Downs Village?

Sustainability is considered in all areas of our operations. Our Sustainability Policy covers everything from water and energy consumption, to the brands we partner with, our woodland management, kitchen garden and more. The same practices have been applied to the development of Mickleham Downs Village. It was important to maintain the footprint of the original Mickleham Estate’s workers cottages and main house. In addition, our partner interior designer Nicola Harding implemented sustainable efforts throughout her designs.

Things to explore around Beaverbrook? Most unique/popular activity around Beaverbrook? What makes the estate unique?

A playground of activity, Beaverbrook offers a range of exciting, on-site activities, especially team-builders, for groups to enjoy during their visit. The Bear Grylls Survival Academy is a firm favourite for corporate groups at the estate, offering both indoor and outdoor activities. Designed to bring people closer together, from bushcraft and survival skills to teamwork challenges. On a similar theme, the grounds of the estate are perfect for a group Scavenger Hunt. We also offer tennis and padel tennis for groups. Beaverbrook is one of few venues in the UK to offer official padel tennis courts. Additionally our Croquet Master facilitates a quintessentially British, group croquet experience on The Lawn at The House. 

The Coach House Spa opens up a plethora of group activity for corporate retreats. From guided nature rambles or jogs in the grounds, to yoga in the studio. We can even bring wellness into the meeting space, with breakout options such as mindful meditation, breathwork and cleansing. Echoing the ethos of the spa, we encourage groups to incorporate nature into their experiences at Beaverbrook, ensuring a natural and holistic approach to wellness during a retreat.

Exploring the surrounding countryside

Beaverbrook provides a picturesque base to explore the countryside surrounds of Surrey. Guests can choose from vineyards and distilleries, clay pigeon shooting, fantastic cycling and walking routes. They can also explore nearby idyllic English towns such as Shere, where The Holiday was filmed. As well as National Trust venues, and parks such as Painshill (filming location of Bridgerton). Also easily accessible from the estate, are key British sightseeing locations such as Windsor Castle and access to sporting venues including Epsom Racecourse (for The Derby), Wimbledon Tennis grounds, Ascot Racecourse, Biggin Hill air fields and Lord’s Cricket Ground. 

Finally, despite providing a sanctuary from the city, of fresh air and green landscapes, Beaverbrook is ideally situated a short car or train journey from London. Allowing guests can make the most of both the city and the country during their stay. They may even wish to add a stay at Beaverbrook Town House in Chelsea to either end of their trip for the full city to silence (or vice a versa) experience!

Tell us about your restaurants.

We’re delighted to offer a range of cuisines at our restaurants across the estate. Authentic Japanese dishes are served in The Dining Room. The elegant menu includes delicately flavoured selections of sushi, sashimi, and nigiri. In addition you can expect the finest cuts of meat and fish from our Josper grill. The Garden House is where guests can indulge in rustic, home-cooked, Anglo-Italian dishes that showcase the very best of the seasons. Inspired by the surrounding Kitchen Gardens, the interiors create a serene atmosphere for a delightful dining experience.

The Deli in The Coach House Spa is where guests can tuck into light, healthy lunch options during the day. As well as feast on traditional, stone oven-baked pizzas in the evening. Topped of by our signature ice-cream sandwich for dessert.

Our newest addition to the Estate opens within Mickleham Downs Village in September 2023. Named after the famous Victorian culinary goddess Mrs Beeton, it will serve classically British fare, alongside an elegant wine list. The British-inspired menu which uses fresh and local produce, brings a new culinary style to the estate. All while maintaining the creative flare and exquisite flavour that’s to be expected from our kitchens. Guests will be able to indulge in outstanding food and beverages, whilst enjoying the picturesque nature of Beaverbrook’s Estate.

With a range of restaurants to choose from, groups visiting Beaverbrook for a multi-night stay will be able to enjoy a range of different cuisines and dining styles during their visit. Each restaurant has a set evening dining menu for groups. To keep them fuelled during the day there is a working lunch overseen by the Chef at each venue. Both are included in the group 24-hour rate meaning delegates can indulge in five-star quality dishes within the standard inclusions for groups.

What is your favourite cocktail?

Without a doubt one of our most popular cocktails found at Sir Frank’s Bar is Churchill’s Charge.  Inspired by Winston Churchill, a close friend of Lord Beaverbrook and a namesake for one of our bedrooms where Churchill stayed during Beaverbrook’s residency at the house. The Churchill Charge combines Silent Pool gin with lemon juice, Champagne & Cognac syrup, orange bitters and champagne foam to create a refreshing and lively tipple. Sip it as you sit out on Sir Frank’s Terrace taking in the panoramic views of the Surrey Hills that lay in front of you.

What are your favourite dishes on the menu?

It’s hard to choose a favourite but both the Popcorn Shrimp and the Black Cod with Yuzu Miso and Fresh Lime in The Dining Room never fail to disappoint. 

Our Beaverbrook Bento Box lunches include a selection of sashimi, miso cappuccino, seafood or vegetable tempura. They are a fantastic option for groups looking to incorporate Japanese cuisine into their meeting experience, and are a popular choice for a working lunch at The House.

The Garden House emphasises sharing dishes, so the Artisanal Burrata with a seasonal garnish is a must have. Another favourite is the T-bone steak followed by the Apple Tarte Tatin for dessert! Connecting people through the pleasure of food is the inspiration behind the menu at The Garden House. This is where groups will feel at home tucking in together!

Mickleham Village will open in September 2023 with 21 bedrooms and exclusive hire options. Get in touch if you would like to know more about booking it for your next company offsite.