AOK Events - Live Events, Venue Finding and Official Hospitality Packages

The most exciting part of our job is getting to go out suited and booted with hard hats and high vis jackets to see venues exclusively before they open. We love being some of the first in the industry to see new spaces, it means our clients are the first to hear about them too!
We love our clients and our priority is always creating fantastic longstanding relationships. Meeting our clients face to face is what we do best and it’s the best way to understand what they want – we don’t want to be just a person behind a screen or the phone!

Apparently, there's no such thing as a free lunch but for venue finders, it’s a perk of the job. We test out new and existing venues, especially restaurants, ahead of us putting them forward to our clients, so we can ensure they offer the best in terms of service and quality. From cool street food halls to the finest Michelin starred restaurants, being a venue finder often means never having to buy dinner again!
Is there anything better than getting to work all over the world? As venue finders, we get to do just that. When our lovely clients need a venue outside of the UK we get to build on our connections all over the world and develop tonnes of knowledge on different countries and cities. We are occasionally invited on FAM trips to our top destinations to get a real feel for the cities and places to ensure we only put the best forward for our clients. It’s great for holiday inspiration and topping up tans too!
The events industry holds a number of networking events and showcases of all shapes and sizes each year. These are amazing to attend, always featuring the newest and coolest venues, caterers and suppliers! Networking events like these keep us up to date with the latest trends and patterns within the industry. 

Our team regularly receives great feedback from both clients and suppliers - what can we say, they love working with us as much as we love working with them! We really value the relationships we have on both sides, so it is incredibly rewarding when we hear that we are doing a good job and that the end results benefit all parties. Which bring us on to...

We love building on our already strong relationships with venues in London, the UK and globally, whether it's attending FAM trips and being entertained or meeting new venues at exhibitions. This then ensures we know every inch of the product and we are putting the best venues forwards to our clients at all times. We also love it when they bring delicious treats into our offices...ahem.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and love getting out exploring and uncovering venues that are some of London’s best-kept secrets. We are always looking for new, fun and original spaces to show our clients and sometimes it’s the hidden gems that can make an event and leave our clients guests with a truly memorable evening.

We love meeting new clients because of a referral. It means we have impressed a client enough for them to take the time to let someone else know we can help too. It's always a great boost to know you have done a good job, as well as expanding our client base with happy customers.
Finding venues is the name of our game of course, but when we work closely with a client and really nail down a space that's an absolutely perfect fit for their event, it is the best feeling! Making our client’s life easier and stress-free by finding the ideal solution is easily the most rewarding part of the job. 
Are you looking for the perfect space for your event? From parties and private dining to gala dinners and conferences, we can help!