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This Tuesday marked a momentous day for AOK Events as we were awarded the Great Place to Work Award and came 36th out of 290 companies in the small business category. What makes it even more special is that we were the only hospitality and events provider nominated for the category. Our work and achievement is being recognised in mutliple press including The Guardian and The Telegraph.

“The culture at AOK Events is currently the best it has ever been in our 22 year history. Our investment in employee wellbeing, regular training and career progression opportunities, combined with great recruitment and a daily mantra to really enjoy what we do, has combined to create a vibrant workplace, filled with creativity, laughter and teamwork. Everyone is brilliant at their role, client feedback is at an all time high and we take pride in the frienships that we have with clients and colleagues alike.” - Alex Hewitt, CEO 

As part of AOK Events purpose to be the very best business it can be, we have recently agreed a raft of initiatives around wellbeing, sustainability and giving back, helping enforce our position as one of the UK’s leading event management companies and Best Places To Work.

This week we took the Dream Team to The Big London Bake Off tent for a wholesome evening of competitiveness and creativity. The challenge was to create a spring surprise cake with three tiers and showstopping decorations and everyone pulled it out of the park. From sunflowers to a whole farm worth of animals, each team created a unique cake.

The winners were Emma Reavley and Beth who made a pink cake with a chocolate core and dog digging into it.

Second place went to Tom and Charlie who decided on a sunflower design with a rainbow sprinkle sponge.

And third place went to Elle and Alex who created a green cake topped off by a bunny and a grazing sheep.

Inspired by our new division AOK Entertains, Dan and Laura made a purple cake, which unfortunately fell shortly after they completed it.