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At AOK Venues, we are pretty spoilt. We're invited to a regular stream of drinks receptions, dinners and parties to test out the very best event spaces in London, so we can pass on that knowledge to you!

Whilst the unlimited choice of places to go out for drinks and nibbles is one of the perks of being a Londoner (we are trading off normal house prices and the possibility of ever owning a car of course...), sometimes the volume of choice and reviews can we a bit overwhelming. 

So we thought we would share our top, best (and unbiased) bites we've been lucky enough to enjoy in London, so you know which spot is right for to feed important clients, friends or family. You'll also be able to casually wow your guests with your in-depth knowledge of the best dishes on the menu! 

Crab Sliders – STK, ME Hotel

Whenever we are at STK, these are the first thing we order. Deep fried crab inside a burger…whoever came up with that idea needs a medal.

Duck Voulevants – The Rosewood Hotel

When someone says voulevant, we always cringe a little, but Rosewood Hotel have brought them back to 2016 with a bang and we I think their duck or mushrooms ones are to die for. 

Wagu Beef Parcels – Hutong, The Shard

We think we ate about 7 each when we last went to Hutong - there is nothing tastier than these little buns. Whether you are going for dinner or a drinks reception, ask for them specifically as they will go down a treat with anyone you are with.

Mini Bacon and Cheeseburgers – Bar 3, South Place Hotel

Lets face it, cheeseburgers are the best. But you feel slightly guilty after you have had one - agreed? But mini-cheeseburgers? Now we are talking. These are pretty big mini versions of their big brother, but South Place have got the flavours down to a tee. We also recommend getting the Lobster Rolls.

Prawn Tempura – Aqua Spirit, Regent Street

Yes you’re thinking - ‘Really? A prawn tempura? Can you not think of anything more exciting?’. No, we can’t…sorry! They come out straight from the pan, piping hot with homemade sweet chilli and garlic sauce and we've been dreaming about them ever since.

Skewered Duck Hearts – Coya, Mayfair

We know, it sounds less of a crowd pleaser. But they are really, really good. Also the private dining room is really unique and a great place for an intimate dinner for 12 guests.

Hot Chorizo bites – Radio Bar, ME Hotel

They usually come with other things but we like to order them on their own. Why? Because nothing is better than hot chorizo. 

You're welcome!

If you'd like to find out more about AOK Venues and how we can not only guide you to the best bites in London, but also find you the perfect venue for your event, whether you need a conference venue to to fit 1000 delegates or an incredible private dining space for your most important client.

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Photo credit: Aqua Spirit