AOK Events - Live Events, Venue Finding and Official Hospitality Packages

As you might have heard, AOK Events has been going through somewhat of a growth spurt over the past year. We’ve taken on 18 new team members, moved into bright new offices, purchased one of the UK’s top hospitality and events companies and started a joint venture with an innovative venue finding company.

We realised pretty quickly that planning a company off-site was key to the whole team at AOK Events getting firmly on the same page when it came to having a full understanding of what each individual team member brings to the table.


With a nod to the recent 2016 Rio Olympics, we themed the Off-Site weekend around the Team GB mantra ‘Bring on the Great’. With our destination set to Brighton, and the incredible hospitality of The Grand Hotel booked in - we set off on a Sunday morning at the crack of dawn and ready to rock.


On arrival at The Grand, we quickly got started on Stage 1 of our jam-packed, Olympic themed day. We’d set each department the task of producing a 2-minute video which explained their day jobs followed by a strictly ‘not boring’ Power Point presentation to go into further detail. Let’s just say, you want us all on your team if you ever have to produce a video, which is hilarious, potentially inappropriate, but informative in equal measures.

Next up was some Olympic themed teambuilding. Our friends at Accomplished Events put on an excellent variety of games, each allowing us to win a bronze, silver or gold prize. As expected, there were massive amounts of competitiveness, we all broke a sweat and most importantly we bonded over how awful 90% of us are at hoola-hooping.

We finished our games, all thoroughly team-built and headed off to Stage 3. Sports themed fancy dress of course. Here at AOK Events we take fancy dress incredibly seriously. The office had been a buzz of poster paints and Amazon deliveries on the lead up to the Off-Site so we were all pretty keen to see what everyone else had in store!

We were hugely proud of our team effort, and our drinks reception in a stunning 5-star suite was a wonder to behold.


Shortly after we headed out to dinner, karaoke and drinks in Brighton town centre. You’ve not seen a truly bonded team of events professionals until you’ve seen them squashed into a Karaoke booth, in fancy dress, screaming 'My Way' down a microphone.

It was a thing of beauty, and we all returned to London the following morning full of pride, gratitude and, most importantly, understanding for everything our fellow colleagues help us deliver on a daily basis.

Bring On The Great!