AOK Events - Live Events, Venue Finding and Official Hospitality Packages

10 years ago attendances at concerts were on the decline but last year an estimated 16 million people attended live concerts in the UK, a 25% rise from a decade before. The attraction for using live music to entertain clients or staff at is obvious. You are able to choose a concert that suits your clients taste.  Banks and law firms?  Mick and Keith will do the job.  Young and fashionable?  Rihanna or Harry & Co at One Direction should appeal, unless you are going to go the whole hog and head off to Somerset at the end of June for four days of festival nirvana.

If you can’t go to Glastonbury in June because you are heading off toWimbledon, there are quality concerts going on throughout the year.  So long as you are the tiniest bit flexible, you should be able to find a concert that fits your diary.

The advantage that music additionally has over a large number of sporting events is that it takes place in the evening.  With an increasing number of employees feeling uncomfortable at taking whole days off work in order to be entertained, making your way to the o2 or MEN Arena after work is way easier to justify, given that it’s your time you are giving up and not your employers.

And once you get there?  Well there are not much networking opportunities whilst the concert is going on but a couple of hours beforehand and half an hour afterwards should be enough to open the door of opportunity a bit, with the gig itself being the shared memory that can be used in the future as a conversation starter.

Hospitality packages start at around £175 + vat per person, making it the perfect low budget event for your events programme next year. Even going to see the larger artists tends to cost around £350 + vat per person, making it half the price of a day at Lords or Twickenham.

Now all we need is U2, David Bowie, Adele, Pink Floyd & Oasis to announce tours for 2013…