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We’re forever organising team-building events for our clients and it was great to see the AOK gang achieving the same objectives that we champion. Our starter of Smoked Chicken Winter salad with bacon, walnuts & fried quails eggs was demonstrated by our Kiwi chef and then we were let loose. Within minutes the teams were egging each other on to make the best starter possible, with plenty of disparaging comments about the opposition adding to the fun. Cracking a quails egg without breaking the yolk was considerably harder than it looked, stealing the other team’s croutons provided a cheap laugh and any other opportunities to sabotage were taken. Cooking doesn’t get tougher than this. Surprisingly both teams produced an excellent first course, washed down with some excellent, chilled Chenin blanc.

As soon as we finished we were back in the kitchen to finish off our main course, which we had started with the entree – duck breast with garlic roasted courgettes, crushed potatoes & peppercorn sauce. Scoring the duck resulted in some pretty serious stab wounds to the Great British Bake Offs fowl but the duck breasts were fried, the courgette chopped and the peppercorn sauce was lovingly prepared. Bottles of cabernet sauvignon joined the fray, the best of Fleetwood Mac was turned up and the conversation got livelier…..and livelier.

We didn’t need pudding but the chocolate and pecan muffins were eaten all the same before we all waited for our patient chef to announce the winners. He was most complimentary about the quality of the cooking but the Hairy Bikers were awarded the win, after super-competitive Non Exec Director Giles was spotted dropping a piece of courgette from his frying pan, picking it up and putting it back in the pan! Comedy prizes were awarded and we all trooped off to Apres nightclub, where cocktails were ordered and the dance floor was taken over.

It’s 3.00pm the following afternoon and nobody feels that chipper but everyone is in ludicrously good spirits. It’s absolutely essential for companies to go out and have some fun every now and then and I’m proud that we employ so many genuinely lovely people, who are also brilliant at their jobs. We recently came 9th out of 653 companies that entered Event Magazine’s Fab 50 competition, to find the best companies to work for in the event industry and any of our clients will testify that if you ask AOK to organise an event, you get the whole team pulling together to ensure the event is as good as it can possibly be. Nights like last night are partly responsible for that. Now, where’s the Alka Seltzer…..