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In 2019, The AOK Events Group set some ambitious targets which we met head on with continued growth despite a difficult year for the events industry as a whole – especially with the B-word (Brexit) lingering in the background. On Friday we headed to L’oscar to celebrate the triumphs of 2019 and align our vision for 2020.

Kicking off the day CEO Alex Hewitt took to the floor to give an overview of 2019 and celebrate some major internal highlights, including four new babies, two weddings, one engagement and one more baby on the way. We also took time to reflect on the year’s business achievements from wefindvenues receiving over 1600 venue enquiries to MELON and AOK Creative running countless successful live events. Attention then turned to 2020 and outlining the vision for the year.

Following last year’s success, we brought back the AOK Expo to give each department the chance to educate the rest of the company on their major successes of 2019 and how they aim to smash 2020 out of the park. Splitting into groups, we rotated around the different department’s stands to hear what they each had to say. Being who we are, this of course meant quizzes, competitions, prizes and an inspiring amount of originality. From AOK Creative’s ‘Wheeler of Fortune’ (run by the one and only Dan Wheeler) to MELON’s ‘MELONhead’ quiz, we left both thoroughly entertained and thoroughly educated.

After a delicious lunch, we were honoured to have Tim Dorsett, Culture and Events Lead at Innocent Drinks, a loyal longstanding client of The AOK Events Group, come in to talk to us about Innocent’s culture and values and how these permeate every aspect of what they do. He delivered a truly inspiring, entertaining talk which left everyone with some serious food for thought – thanks Tim!

Leading on perfectly from Tim’s talk, the lovely Sarah Mayo and Nicky Morgan from POINT3 Wellbeing then guided us through an engaging afternoon exploring what makes high performing teams and company culture. This culminated in some great exercises to re-evaluate our internal company values, to complement our client-facing values, and to begin setting some new #wellbeing rules for ourselves as a company. Everyone came away from the session feeling inspired to make The AOK Events Group an even better place to work - although it’s pretty awesome already, even if we do say so ourselves!

On a high from a great day, we made our way over to the Kimpton Fitzroy. As has now become tradition, this of course involved some competitive fancy dress which saw us divided up and tasked with the genre ‘Teams’. As a company we have many strings to our bow, but fancy dress has definitely got to be up there. From KISS to Dodgeball, Crayola Crayons to 101 Dalmatians and a special appearance from the Queen*… we came, we fancy-dressed, we partied.

*ok maybe not The Queen, but we were impressed…

After dinner another time-honoured tradition of the offsite took place: Musical Bingo. With the privilege of renaming the meeting rooms up for grabs, amongst other prizes, the competition couldn’t have been fiercer with some spectacular dance-offs along the way.

Thank you so much to our friends at L’oscar and Kimpton Fitzroy, Tim Dorsett and the POINT3 team for being such integral parts of yet another brilliant off-site – we already can’t wait for next year!