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Our Account Manager Ross Jackson recently celebrated his one-year anniversary at AOK Events, so we decided to catch up with him about his favourite moments, what he's learned and how he plans to execute his new role as our HOBO (Head of BBQ Operations).

How did you come to work at AOK Events?

After the events industry was devastated during the Covid pandemic, I wanted to remain in the sport and events sector where my passion and experience lies as a former rightsholder for Wembley Stadium at IMG. I saw the Business Development role advertised on LinkedIn, and couldn’t apply quick enough! Having worked in the industry for a number of years, I always heard great things about AOK Events, its culture, values and incredible portfolio of global clients.

Highlights from your first year?

My favourite thing about working at AOK Events is definitely my colleagues and the culture. Ever since my first day, everyone has made me feel so welcome, valued and at home. I count everyone at the company as a friend, and have already made some incredible memories!

The highlights of my first year are being invited to the Redbull Paddock Club for last year’s British Grand Prix with Jo, Dan W, Jess and Charlie, going to the FA Cup Final in 2021 with Matt, Dan and Alex (a government test event post-Covid), our company offsite at the Aviator Hotel in March, and the company summer party in Central London, which included Karaoke and a Chinese meal.


Best fam trip you went on?

A test event for Clays London (Virtual Clay Pigeon Shooting) with Charlie and Emma, or the Bongo Bingo at Hotel Republic Showcase (Kempton Fitzroy London) with Jess and Charlie.

Favourite drink from the drinks trolley?

Can’t beat a cold Peroni that’s been in the freezer for an hour

Challenging moments?

I would say the first three months were a challenging period as I was transitioning from a rights holder background selling one product, to an agency selling a whole portfolio of products/services, and dealing with a vast amount of suppliers. I joined at a time when companies were still engaging with their clients and staff virtually, whilst the country was coming out of lockdown, so that was a unique experience. Since the start of the year, I have enjoyed going out and meeting a lot of these clients/accounts face to face in Central London – definitely my favourite aspect of sales. 

Funniest Moment?

Still quite proud of my performance of Natalie Imbruglia Torn at AOK Events’s Summer Party – Chinese and Karaoke in Leicester Square

Growth prospects?

It is a very exciting time to be at AOK Events. As we approach a busy summer of events, the company is growing so quickly with several new starters in every department of the business. We receive quarterly external sales and account management training as well as regular internal training sessions, which are helping me to be up to speed on our strategy, latest offerings and projects and allow me to continue to grow in my role. I am excited to see where my career at AOK Events goes, and plan to continue to build on a successful first 12 months.

Any holidays planned this year?

Very lucky with holidays this year, going to Rome/Lisbon in the summer, Mexico in November and it is also my 30th in September so having the day off for that!

What is your plan for your role as a HOBO (Head of BBQ Operations)?

Big responsibility but I am looking forward to the challenge, and working alongside Holly and Rosie. We might need a trial run! Plan to offer a wide variety of food- burgers, hot dogs, skewers, salads, grilled halloumi, you name it... 

Why is AOK Events a great place to work?

It has to be the company culture. It is an environment where we all enjoy coming to work each day, have fun, work hard and offer the best possible customer service/solutions to our long-standing clients. All departments are incredibly busy at the moment, but we still make time for drinks/BBQ after work on our roof terrace, regular team socials and weekly industry FAM trips.