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On the third floor, near the loo and the kitchen, you don’t often wander very far. In fact, you barely know anyone on the ground floor apart from the two people you email, and even then you can’t really remember which one is Rob and which one is Dan.

A corporate Christmas party allows employees to network and bond in a casual setting. By spending this valuable time with one another, individuals can cement relationships, making an email from Richard an email from Richard, the drunk guy in the Father Christmas hat. Knowing who is on the other end of an email not only prompts a faster response, it allows you to respond in the way that person will understand best- making the whole process easier for everyone and your business a more productive one!

Talking of which, if you want optimum productivity, team spirit is essential. Well-planned Christmas parties can combine team bonding activities with entertainment and, of course, drinks. An activity like a Velodrome cycling experience is ideal to begin the day, allowing colleagues to spend time together in a totally different environment before any booze or inappropriate dancing is involved.  The experience can serve as the perfect conversation starter during drinks later on in the day (avoiding that awkward not too sure where to start moment).

Shared Christmas parties are the perfect opportunity to do some great networking outside of your business. You and your colleagues can enjoy a fun packed evening with each other, but if you’re a smaller company there’s the chance to branch out and make a new friend over a glass of mulled wine and a shared love of Michael Bublé’s Christmas album.

On a small budget? Shared parties are also ideal for companies with limited party fund. All inclusive packages are often a less expensive option meaning nobody has to miss out.

If you’re one of the clever ones who’ve set aside a healthy budget for your Christmas event, a more bespoke Christmas party is not only a way to treat the team, but can also be the ultimate way to market the ethos of your brand to them - and your clients too.

Our bespoke Christmas parties allow you to have complete control of every aspect of your event - whilst having our expertise to hand. Be it the date, budget, location, numbers or theme, we’re here to help generate a unique experience for you and your employees. Don’t limit your company to its products and services - create a brand for people to believe in! And make sure they do it with a sherry in their hand!

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