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A few weeks ago, we held a velodrome showcase for some of our clients - and they loved it! This brilliant guest blog describes the unique hospitality experience...

It was with a good dose of trepidation that I made the journey to Lee Valley Velopark, located a fifteen minute walk from Stratford Station.  I know how to ride a bike (a prerequisite for this experience), but I am not exactly a cycling enthusiast.  Have you seen how high a Velodrome’s walls are?!  I needn’t have been too nervous as our coach who we met upon arrival was fantastic, knowledgeable and put me straight at ease.  There were 10 of us in my group, although they can instruct up to 16 people per session.

All equipment was provided for us, from gloves and helmet to the bike and shoes, so once we were kitted up and had a brief safety briefing, we were ready to get straight onto the track!  With exclusive use of the track, the coach can really tailor the session to meet the experience of the group and as there were several different abilities in our team I got to see this first-hand.

After everyone had cycled a few laps and become accustomed with their bike, we were then encouraged to cycle higher up the steep sides of the track – this means going faster, and it’s hard work!  After a quick break for drinks, our coach explained how the time trial would work and we each had a chance to own the track for a couple of laps whilst we battled it out for our place on the Winners’ Podium.  This actually feels pretty exciting as everyone supports each other on their lap and the adrenaline is pumping!  Once the winner had been declared, we made our way back into the inner circle to hand back our kit and have some well-deserved breakfast.  Depending on your session time, groups are provided with breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea. 

There are also BMX, mountain bike and road tracks available at the Velopark, which could be used alongside the velodrome to accommodate larger group sizes.  Another benefit is that meeting space is available within the centre for pre or post activity sessions.