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Every one of us is after the recipe to our company’s success. However, with so many different opinions, studies and statistics it’s easy to get lost (and bored).  So, with all of this information offered up to us, what can we draw from it? Here’s what we at AOK Events believe will make a difference...


You can’t amplify something that isn’t there. A successful company begins with a solid brand. Simple questions such as ‘who are you?’ and ‘what makes you different?’ can be the difference between one-off or lifelong clients. Regularly communicate your brand values with your employees, your clients, yourself! A clear brand means clear minds and ideas, leading to happy clients.


Who you hire really is one of the keys to success. Don’t just look at someone’s CV and be amazed at their skill set, even if it perfectly matches your job requirements. Take care in the interview to evaluate character and mind set. Will they successfully communicate your brand? Will they fit in? Every employee should be an asset, an individual that perfectly understands your company and brings your brand to life.



According to ClearCompany, 86% of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures. Communication is essential! Encourage employees to have regular, short meetings to keep one another up to date on progress of on-going projects, failures, successes, and just general info. By keeping one another up to date, everyone will have a clearer vision of their role and the team’s goals, resulting in higher quality work.  


Get this. The Department of Economics at the University of Warwick found that ‘happy workers are 12% more productive than the average worker'. Say what? How do we get happy workers?

You’ve already hired people you think will get along; now, creative an inclusive work environment, because no one likes being left out. Allow new staff members to have their say- this is beneficial to both you and them - you get fresh ideas - they get to build up their confidence!

Reward your employees. Success and satisfaction are one, so make sure your employees know that good work is recognised. This will have a knock-on effect, encouraging individuals to perform to their best ability.

Your employees need to be strong individually but also together. This requires trust and learning to make the most of each team member’s strengths. Colleagues need to know, genuinely like and understand one another (hence being picky when hiring!). Team bonding activities that put groups of employees in unfamiliar situations will help ignite and promote creativity amongst them whilst giving them a break from their usual routines. Better yet, get the whole company involved, breaking down the barriers of hierarchy.

Be the cool boss - get your employees shouting from the rooftops how great their job is!

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