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At AOK Venues we love to join you on site visits, but sometimes you might want to fly solo. To make the very best of the time you’re spending checking out a space, we’ve put together a list of all the crucial elements you need to consider to make sure you end up with your perfect venue!

You’re looking for a venue for an event for 150 guests standing. The space you like the look of can hold 100. We’d say discount this place completely. You want to find somewhere with a capacity that matches (or is just over) your numbers, so guests can move around comfortably. Equally don’t go booking Wembley Stadium for your party of 150. Can anyone hear that echo…echo…echo?

TOP TIP: If you’re throwing a summer party, make sure you take into account an outdoor and wet weather option, so you can either be enjoying the sun or avoiding the rain. This is obviously mainly something to consider if your event is taking place in the UK. Sigh.

As a (brilliant) agency, AOK Venues always check the cancellation policy for you before you sign, but always ask about the terms and conditions on a site visit so you know far in advance of your event.

It’s always worth knowing who else you’re sharing the building with, if you aren’t taking the space exclusively. Your biggest rival could have a glass to the wall in the adjacent meeting room.

Always, always ask, just in case. It may not be your room going under a refurbishment but there might be some seriously distracting drilling going on elsewhere in the building. 

Make sure you know where the kitchens are. Normally they are close to the event space, but some venues have them on different floors. Nobody wants a cold salmon parcel on arrival. Some venues will use external suppliers, so it is always good to get their advice on who might work well for your event.

Gate crashers are rarely a couple of lovely, funny guys who’ve taken a wrong turn, ended up at your event and go on to inspire a musical montage to the tune of House of Pain’s ‘Jump Around’. A private event should stay just that. Venues will always give you costs for security so make sure you ask while on site how many security guards they suggest, and where they will stand.

Double check where these are based in relation to the space you are seeing. Find out how many attendants there will be and if the room is big enough to hold guest’s bags.

Presentations, conferences, sales meetings…you’ll need the AV to go with it. It is definitely worth asking if the AV is built in, if it comes with the room or if it is an additional cost.

TOP TIP: If there is a group more than 60, a microphone is always a good idea. No matter how big or small the room, the speaker shouldn’t have to worry about voice projection along with delivering their presentation.

This is normally added in restaurants and hotel private dining, but we always ask as the 12.5% can make a big difference to a bill. Double-check on your site visit so you don’t get a shock after the event.

Our pet hate at an event is a lack of staff. Usually it means that we don’t get to try all the canapés, and we love canapés. Make sure you know who is going to be running the event and if it’s the same person who will be your contact on the night.

Check out the loos. You’d be surprised how different the loos can be to the space you are hiring.

Our venue finding service is totally free of charge! If you're looking for the perfect venue for your event and need some help, all you need to do is get in touch and we will do the rest! 

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