Office Rebrand

26 October 2022

As part of our rebrand we decided to take the designs from paper and the screen onto our walls in a full office rebrand. The objective was to transform the offices into a place that everyone would love to come to on a Monday morning.

The AOK Events Gradient

Our colour wheel logo design was created to embrace the different brands and services that we stand for:

Since the gradient is the perfect representation of AOK Events as a whole it was the perfect vehicle to capture the company spirit in our offices as well.


Inspired by the optimism of the brightly coloured walls we see around London, we briefed the London Mural Company to use our company colours in a unique mural design at the centre of our office rebrand.

The hallway

To begin with, it was important to utilise our hallways to tell the story of our company in an innovative and engaging way. The multi-storey staircase connects our different spaces and leads up to our most inspiring room. Equipped with sofas and a long dining table the top floor embodies the spirit of AOK Events. It allows everyone to get away from their regular desks to clear their minds, inspire ideas and spend quality time with their colleagues and clients.

The Shutter

Although it is only seen outside of our business hours and by the first person that comes into the office every morning, the colourful shutter literally unlocks our creative spirit when opened.

Entering in a good mood

As it is the first thing we see when entering the office, the entrance hall sets our mood for the day. Greeted by a wall of sunny yellow, the primary colour is sure to sweeten a grey morning.

First Floor pillars

As part of the overall design, we needed to uplift our main office room in which we have a set of evenly spaced steel pillars. Inspired by the Hacienda designs from the late 80s we decided to bring the happy club spirit into our eyesight.

London Mural Company

Overall, working with the London Mural Company on this project was an absolute pleasure and Stewart and his team took our initial ideas and moodboards to apply them perfectly to our unique spaces and hallways.