Our Christmas Party Planning Checklist

5 June 2024

Take control of your event with our Christmas Party Planning Checklist, covering everything from venue finding to managing your guest list and entertainment.

Christmas comes once a year, but planning your party can take ALL year! If all you want for Christmas is a little help with your party planning, then look no further… Santa step down! Here’s your go-to checklist of questions to ask yourself when organising your Christmas (or any) party, to make sure that your event is everyone’s favourite gift.

When booking a venue, you want to make sure it is the right size to accommodate your guests and the theme of your party. Knowing your guest numbers is therefore key. The earlier you ask your guests to confirm their attendance, the better, to help plan a bustling party with the right atmosphere.

Wednesday to Friday are the most popular days, so if you are on a cost-saving mission, you may get a better price for a Monday or Tuesday. Friday’s work for some, but not for others… so try and pick a day when most people will be able to attend – a pre-planning poll is never a bad idea.

How easy is the venue to get to and from? If you have found the perfect venue, but it is a little further than hoped, you can even treat everyone to a hotel and the luxury of a lie in, avoiding the busy last trains of the night.

Seated, standing, formal, informal – what works for your crowd? Low key or extravagant – what do you want to achieve and, most importantly, what do you want to spend?

Make your party EXTRA special with a hook – make it the best night ever! Elevate your event with upgrades; whether it be the finest wines, the most delicious street food, the wildest entertainment or the biggest talent. We have a whole team dedicated to entertainment, which includes key note speakers, food and dressing, walkabout acts as well as DJs that read your crowd and most importantly fill dance floors.

Our event managers are experts at Christmas Party Planning and will take care of everything from finding the perfect venue to managing your guest list, catering, AV and entertainment. Get in touch with your brief and we will be happy to help!