The POWER of a good walk

20 February 2020

Here at The AOK Events Group we help you have better conversations with your clients, consumers and employees, through brilliant events. With the arrival of a new decade we reflected on how we could help ourselves to have better conversations as well. It dawned on us that we could use a little more vigour in our busy office lives: thus, began the POWER walks.

As a group we may not always get the chance to collate ideas across the office, even though there are a lot of brilliant minds in the company. However, it proves difficult to gather everyone together when we are split on two (soon to be three) floors: conversation between all the teams can sometimes lack, yet we know what a powerful tool this can be.

Rather than gather everyone together in a small space and talk at each other for an hour, we decided to get active and really talk with each other to spark creative ideas and collaboration by taking our meetings to the great outdoors.

Weather permitting, we gather staff from all departments to join a one hour walk every Friday morning to talk all things internal. Granted, although conversation may occasionally stray to the all-important topics of sports results and the number of cute dogs in Battersea Park, we always swing it back to how we can improve our relationships with clients, work collaboratively as a team and drive the company forwards. It’s a great way to engage everyone to partake in the growth of the company and encourage better internal communications away from the distractions of technology.

It has already benefitted us immensely in so many ways. Not only are we escaping from being chained to our desks, we are improving our wellbeing by getting out the office for some fresh air and brisk exercise leaving our brains stimulated and ready to start the day energised. As a team, we are better connected when we engage with each other regularly and collaborate with people we may not get the chance to speak to every day.

As a team, we couldn’t recommend the POWER of a brisk walk more. It’s a great way to encourage all departments to generate creative ideas, communicate better and overall get out of the monotonous routine of holding meetings in stuffy boardrooms. Get up, get out, and get moving!