Why you should Book your Christmas Party Venue Early

5 February 2024

From having the first pick of the best venues, to locking in popular entertainment acts and caterers, booking your Christmas party in early brings many benefits. So, our venue finders have summed up their top reasons for why you should book your Christmas party venue early.

It is no secret that the earlier you book, the better chance you have of securing those popular Wednesdays and Thursdays in December. However, if your dates are flexible, considering a Monday or Tuesday could bag you a better deal… so you can have the magician as well as the band!

Believe it or not, we’ve already confirmed a range of our fantastic suppliers for Christmas 2024. Whether it’s a stunning venue or your favourite band, book now to avoid disappointment as diaries are already beginning to fill up…

Who doesn’t love a good discount? We have great relationships with venues and can often negotiate better rates if you book early – it’s guaranteed business for them, and extra budget for you!

Nobody wants the task of persuading their finance team to pay 100% of the Christmas party in one urgent invoice… so why not take the stress away and spread the invoices over the course of the year! It sounds simple, but we’re pretty certain your finance team will thank you for it!

Although AOK Events mitigate almost all of the stress and organisation that makes your Christmas party a total success, we do require a little help from you – dietaries, final numbers and confirming which employee has the honour of making the speech this year… so book early so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the Christmas buzz.

We can probably all agree that there is nothing worse than an empty dancefloor at a Christmas party… but what if your CEO is hosting their in-laws, or your Head of IT has their annual friends drinks party? Get your Christmas party date secured in diaries early to guarantee a better response – it’s also sure to boost your teams motivation throughout the year if they have a fantastic celebration to look forward to!

Now that you know why you should book your Christmas party venue early, it is time to book it in! Take a look at some of our favourite Christmas venues in London for 2024.

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